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Melissa Diluzio sitting with active, senior married couple having a discussion.
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Reduce Inflammation Restore Health Guide - The Food We Eat Everyday

Eat Wise, Be Healthy

The food we eat everyday can promote health or drive disease. Learn more about what drives disease & how to reverse it with my free guide - Reduce Inflammation, Restore Health.

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Does this sound like you?

  • Creating lasting healthy habits can be challenging.
  • Despite your best efforts, you’re failing to see significant health improvements.
  • It’s impossible to stick to diets and eating “good” foods.
  • Too many potential solutions to chronic problems are overwhelming and confusing.
  • Prescriptions treat the symptom, not the actual problem.
  • Traditional medical providers don’t listen or understand you.
  • Bad habits take over best intentions.
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I work with people who proactively want to change their health.


Busy & Overwhelmed


Active & Aspiring

People with Health Conditions

Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Parkinson's, obesity, leaky gut and auto-immune diseases


Overworked & Tired

moms & dads

Busy & Exhausted

“The secret to change is to focus your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.”
- Socrates

After struggling with my own chronic illness beginning at a young age, I know the importance of compassionate support and an in-depth understanding of how the food we eat can either work for - or against - our bodies.

I have nearly a decade of guiding self- improvers toward healing and restoration. After running several successful businesses, I pivoted to my passion - health and wellness.

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Melissa Diluzio standing in front of red peppers in the produce section of a grocery store.
My mission is to empower you to make the changes that will transform and energize you for the rest of your life.
The aisle of a grocery store full of products from around the world.A person selecting vegetables in the produce section in a grocery store.
my approach

My approach creates life changing results that my clients can sustain.

After working with me, many of my clients have experienced their:

  • Cholesterol markers return to healthy ranges
  • Reduction or complete elimination of medications.
  • Diseases like diabetes under control
  • Kidney functions return to above normal
  • Inflammation markers significantly improve
  • Weight loss
  • Build confidence and experience joy daily
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Your Holistic Health Coach
Melissa Baca

Melissa Diluzio

Hello, I’m Melissa Baca, As a Certified Integrative Nutrition & Wellness Coach, I have a passion to help those that feel stuck in our current system and don’t know where to turn for help. I suffered from asthma as a teen and young adult. The treatment I received growing up did not promote healing or health. Instead, it weakened my body and immune system and kept me dependent on treatments that just maintained the status quo. When I learned that the main cause for my asthma was inflammation, a great curiosity began within me. It led me to discover that many of the chronic illnesses we suffer from today can be reversed, improved or avoided all together, through simple changes in our diet and lifestyle. I began to feel empowered and found that I had choices. I no longer felt stuck.

My education along with my curiosity created options which lead me to a life free from asthma, prescription drugs, hospitalization and breathing treatments. The foundation of my approach starts with education. When we learn we have options, we can make different choices. One of my greatest joys is seeing my clients make new choices and create habits that promote health and watching their lives change.

I've also spoken at events like the: Annual Health Symposium, Christian Women Connection, Canta Mia Senior Community, Take off Pounds in Sun City West, Community Association Management on health in the workplace; Surprise, AZ and the Lions Club in Spokane, WA. I've also been published in Grand LifeStyles Magazine.


Gonzaga University

Institute for Integrated Nutrition


Institute for Integrated Nutrition


Hormone Health, Gut Health & Chemical Toxicity

Wellness education & hands on coaching will empower you to:

  • Learn how to navigate confusing food labels.
  • Identify foods that contribute to your illness and how to avoid and replace them.
  • Discover real ingredients to make delicious and nutritious meals.
  • Gain confidence and skills to consistently make healthy choices.
  • Positively feed your body and mind.
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Reduce Inflammation Restore Health Guide - The Food We Eat Everyday

Eat Wise, Be Healthy

The food we eat everyday can promote health or drive disease. Learn more about what drives disease & how to reverse it with my free guide - Reduce Inflammation, Restore Health.

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Healthy Starts

A mix of workshops and private coaching to help you make better food choices in the grocery store and in your kitchen!

Melissa Diluzio teaching a workshop in front of a room full of students.

4-Week Community Workshops

This eye-opening workshop will teach you how the food industry has co-opted the system for profit and how current nutrition advice is far from healthy. With greater awareness, you'll make better decisions for the healthy life you desire.

Melissa Diluzio sitting with two clients outside during a coaching session.

Healthy Start Introductory Coaching

In four, hands-on sessions, you'll learn what foods contribute to your specific condition or illness. Gain confidence to shop and cook with foods you KNOW are making a difference in your overall health.

Melissa Diluzio in a grocery store with a client.

Healthy for Life Premier Coaching

Take your health to an all new level with six or eight private coaching sessions. Your custom sessions will make grocery shopping and cooking a breeze. Your new habits will become second nature. You will be well equipped to continue your journey and reach your health goals.

Try one or try many!

You can pick multiple options to make a more impactful change in your life, or just select one to get started!
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Single Servings

Single servings are simple ways to introduce healthy changes into your lifestyle.

Melissa Diluzio helping a client to read food labels in a grocery aisle.

Eyes Wide Open Grocery Store Tour

Completely transform your grocery shopping with my guided grocery store tour. You'll learn to confidently read and understand labels and to identify clean, safe and healthy food brands accessible to you.

Bonus: Shopping Guide included

Unorganized pantry of food items jumbled on several shelves. 

Image credit: Alejandra Mejia - Getty Images

Fresh Start Pantry Purge

Healthy eating begins at home. Learn what to purge and what to keep in your home. Gain convenient and healthy alternative options and suggestions that work with your schedule and skills.

90-Minute Consultation

Need a periodic check-in, or extra motivation to keep the course? My 90-minute consultation is a one time appointment you can schedule as needed. No coaching package required.

Try one or try many!

You can pick multiple options to make a more impactful change in your life, or just select one to get started!
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How to get started

In as simple as 1, 2, 3 -
you can begin your new journey to a healthier life!
book a 1:1 call
Schedule a Discovery session
Begin your path to improvement by calling, emailing or texting me to reserve your free 30- minute consult.
Set Goals
Share your story & set your goals.
Share your story, set your health goals and learn how my approach will help you to improve or reverse your conditions.
Select your path
Customize your path package.
Choose from my offerings to meet the needs of your unique situation and launch your transformation.

Put yourself first and get started today!

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What people are saying

After reading an article in the Grand Lifestyle Magazine in January 2020. I learned about the "Why Food Matters" class taught by Melissa. I am so happy I found it.It was exactly what my husband and I needed to change our bad eating habits. After the class I hired Melissa to help my husband and I. My husbands blood sugar and blood pressure numbers have lowered as well as weight loss for us both. To keep us on track we extended our sessions. Her caring nature and helpful suggestions encourage us to continue making healthy choices. We are so grateful for Melissa!

Marie & Dick Rogeness
Why Food Matters: 4-Week Workshop
Brand Guarantee
I promise...
  • No cookie cutter plans or ingredients lists!
  • No disregard of your feelings, your history or your unique situation.
  • No commandments to eat specific foods or meals from a limited list!
  • No useless facts that don’t fit into your lifestyle.

Upcoming Events

Come and join me at one of my next events!

Why Food Matters 4-week Workshop: Goodyear Recreation Campus - Oct 2023

October 2, 2023
Goodyear Recreation Campus, 420 Estrella Parkway in Goodyear, Arizona

Mondays 10am - 11am; October 2, 9, 16, 23rd.

Four, one hour sessions.

Goodyear Recreation Campus, 420 Estrella Parkway in Goodyear, Arizona

Register in person or online at: https://grc.goodyearaz.gov/

Lasting change does NOT come in a list of foods to avoid.

I will never simply hand you a list and send you on your way, as many registered dieticians and nutritionists do.

I equip you with tools to proactively build your happiest, healthiest self.

Freedom! Imagine yourself being in charge of your health. No pain, no chronic illness, no medications. Knowing what is healthy and what makes you feel and look your best. You know what foods to eat that support and encourage your health. You feel vibrant and alive.